Democratic Senate Candidate Flies Past Pro-Trump Challenger In High-Stakes 2024 Race


In Ohio’s Senate election on the ballot this year, in which incumbent Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown is hoping to win another term over Trump-aligned Republican challenger Bernie Moreno, new polling from Marist College finds the Democrat leading — and the incumbent is leading by a massive margin among independents in particular.

Brown nabbed 50 percent of the support from the poll’s overall group, while Moreno had 45 percent. The respondents were registered voters, and the results include poll participants who identified themselves as undecided but leaning towards one candidate or another. Among just independents, Brown led by a staggering 16 percentage points, Marist College said.

The expectation is that Democrats are facing a tough map of Senate elections this year. Ohio has been leaning heavily Republican in presidential races, and there are similar potential problems in other states where Democrats are trying to hold onto a seat — or, in West Virginia’s case, essentially banking on losing it on account of the one-off nature of a Democrat holding the spot at all. Democratic Senators are on the ballot this year in Montana, Nevada, and elsewhere.

As for the presidential election, the expectation is also that however that turns out could have electoral effects elsewhere. If incumbent President Joe Biden wins another term, for instance, then that could be indicative of voters going with Democrats in general in significant number. At the national level, polling in the expected rematch between Biden and Donald Trump is mixed. The two major party candidates are heading towards a first debate (this time around, at least) this month — and Trump has a sentencing in his New York City criminal case coming up fast next month.