Polling Shows Many Americans Bucking Trump & Saying That His Criminal Trial Was Fair


In new polling done by YouGov in collaboration with CBS News, a large share of U.S. adults insists that former President Donald Trump got a fair trial with his recent criminal proceedings in New York City that culminated in a guilty verdict. He was charged with dozens of felony counts of falsifying business records in connection to pre-2016 election hush money, and he was found guilty by a jury on all counts.

“Regardless of how you feel about the verdict, do you think Donald Trump got a fair trial or an unfair trial?” the poll’s respondents were asked. Fifty-seven percent said they believe that Trump got a fair trial, while 43 percent said the opposite. Those two options were the only two listed in the results. (There wasn’t a group identified as “unsure.”)

The numbers suggest that Trump’s continuing complaints about his treatment in court don’t exactly stand to majorly boost his campaign among U.S. voters en masse, though some respondents were receptive. But like with voting for Trump at all, there was a clear fault-line, mirroring past groundswells of opposition to the leading Republican, who is on his way to the party’s formal nomination for this year’s election no matter his recent conviction and his three additional criminal cases on top of those proceedings.

Trump easily defeated all the surprisingly numerous campaigns he faced in the primary, and many of his GOP challengers have since turned around to support him. Even Nikki Haley, who was the last holdout in the GOP presidential primary in terms of candidates with extensive name recognition, said she’ll vote for Trump in his anticipated rematch with incumbent Joe Biden this year. Trump and Biden have a first debate this month.