‘Anti-American Traitor’ Trump’s Trip To D.C. Is A Desecration, Furious Veterans’ Group Says


VoteVets, a prominent advocacy group focusing on veterans and their causes, spoke out this Thursday in harsh opposition to the trip taken on the same day by former President Donald Trump to Washington, D.C., where he met with elected Republicans.

“Donald Trump showing his face at the Capitol—the very place he incited an attack against—is a slap in the face to all who were in peril that day, to the United States of America, and to the Constitution we swore an oath to defend,” the organization said on X, the site formerly called Twitter. “His actions are not just disgraceful but a blatant betrayal of our nation’s core values. Trump is an anti-American traitor, and his presence desecrates the sanctity of our democracy.”

Trump met with Republicans at an institution called the Capitol Hill Club, outside of which a small group of anti-Trump protesters gathered on the occasion of the Republicans gathering inside. One sign proclaimed “FAILED COUP,” while another blasted Trump for his arguments that a key, federal criminal case he is facing should be shut down because of imagined legal immunity supposedly covering official presidential acts. Conspiring against an election is a crime, it insisted.

The underlying case accuses Trump of conspiring against the 2020 presidential election outcome, meaning Biden’s win, and the former president insists that what he was doing was actually perfectly in line with his official responsibilities and advanced the interests of the American people in supposedly going after claimed systematic fraud. Real-world evidence from the election and its aftermath has never proven the claims that fraud is responsible for the outcome (Biden’s victory).

What Trump was apparently targeting were, in reality, duly documented votes for president from around the country, giving Biden a win in the electoral college. Trump’s immunity claims now await a U.S. Supreme Court decision.