Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter Rips Apart Trump’s Latest Bizarre Claims Invoking Her Mother


This Thursday, former President Donald Trump met with elected Republicans at a Washington, D.C. institution called the Capitol Hill Club. While there, reporter Jake Sherman says that Trump shared… dubious claims about one of the daughters of former House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who remains in Congress and was given the title “Speaker Emerita.”

“Nancy Pelosi’s daughter is a whacko,” Trump reportedly said, with Sherman calling his recounting “close” to a precise quote. “Her daughter told me if things were different Nancy and I would be perfect together, there’s an age difference though.” “I [don’t] know what this means, really. But this is what he told a group of House Rs,” Sherman himself added.

Christine Pelosi, a lawyer, promptly added her input in reply. “Speaking for all 4 Pelosi daughters — this is a LIE. His deceitful, deranged obsession with our mother is yet another reason Donald Trump is unwell, unhinged and unfit to step foot anywhere near her — or the White House,” she wrote online.

Nancy herself also spoke out on the occasion of Trump’s trek to Washington, D.C. The former legislative leader and still prominent Democrat accused the former president, who is on his way next month to Republicans’ presidential nomination for the 2024 election, of responsibility for the violent attack on the U.S. Capitol in early 2021. In connection to that onslaught, which was perpetrated against the backdrop of misrepresentations tracing to Trump regarding what transpired during the 2020 presidential election, federal criminal proceedings are continuing.

“With his pledges to be a dictator on day one and seek revenge against his political opponents, Donald Trump comes to Capitol Hill today with the same mission of dismantling our democracy. But make no mistake — Trump has already cemented his legacy of shame in our hallowed halls,” said a statement from the older Pelosi.