Steve Bannon Is On His Way To ‘An Actual Prison’ Not A ‘Club Fed’ Camp, According To Report


At present, longtime Trump ally Steve Bannon is on his way to “an actual prison” rather than a “club fed” prison camp, which refers to a detention facility with less strict security, according to CNN journalist Katelyn Polantz.

Asked about where Bannon “might end up” serving his sentence for a conviction on charges of contempt of Congress, Polantz explained to the news network’s Jake Tapper: “Well, Jake, it’s an actual prison. So, Steve Bannon wanted to go to a club fed, a prison camp. But that is not what is going to be possible in the federal system for him now […]. It’s because he now is facing additional charges in New York, a case we’ve known about but because of that, because that’s hanging over him, it means that he is a slightly higher security inmate than somebody who could be in a camp. So he’s going to be going to the prison in Danbury, Connecticut. That’s the federal prison there.”

Bannon, a prominent commentator in pro-Trump and far-right circles, was convicted of those contempt allegations after refusing to comply with the House committee that investigated the Capitol riot and circumstances leading up to it. It was the panel led by Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) and now former GOP Congresswoman Liz Cheney of Wyoming, who became prominent as her time in Congress ultimately drew to a close for opposing Trump, particularly on his sweeping, debunked claims about the 2020 presidential election.

Another Trump ally, ex-White House official Peter Navarro, already went to prison on similar grounds. For Bannon, his conviction by a jury was recently upheld at the appeals level, and the delay that he secured on his already imposed four-month sentence was undone. He has to turn himself in to authorities for the purpose of serving the sentence by July 1 as the case currently stands.