Lawyer Puts Supreme Court On BLAST For Their Delay In Handling Trump’s Immunity Claims


Alex Aronson, a lawyer whose former roles include a stint at the federal Justice Department and time working with Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), is sounding an alarm about what he calls the key role of the U.S. Supreme Court in pro-Trump ambitions ahead of the presidential election later this year.

“Roger Stone is working on “lawyers, judges, technology” to “use every lever we can” to deliver this election for Trump. We need to be clear-eyed *now* about SCOTUS’s central role in their scheme. It’s already evident in the insurrection case,” Aronson said on social media. The last portion of his comments hearkens to outrage at the Supreme Court’s extended handling of Trump’s arguments for so-called presidential immunity in the criminal case in which he is accused of conspiring against the 2020 presidential election results.

Trump is claiming that he should be free from even the possibility of criminal consequences for actions taken as part of his official responsibilities, which is where he groups what he was doing after the last election.

The Supreme Court drew outrage for agreeing to hear even more arguments on those appeals in the first place, which forced trial in the case into the future even further. Now, in-person arguments took place almost two months ago, and there’s still no ruling. If trial is eventually pushed past this year’s election, which Trump then wins, it could put the case on ice indefinitely, helping Trump evade further proceedings.

Trump’s other federal criminal case is also delayed. Accused there of the mishandling of government classified documents, Trump-nominated federal Judge Aileen Cannon indefinitely delayed trial and is taking what some have characterized as gallingly lengthy stretches of time to deal with proceedings ahead of trial.

On the alleged election subversion front, Trump claims that the wide-ranging legal immunity he seeks would be integral to the effective handling of the presidency.