Lindsey Graham’s Attempt To Gloss Over Trump’s Felony Conviction Leads To Public Mockery


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) suggested in a new appearance on Fox News that the actual “felon” in the currently unfolding presidential election is Joe Biden. “What he’s doing to the country is criminal,” he insisted.

No matter this political messaging, Biden has been neither charged nor convicted of any felonies. The Democratic incumbent’s expected main challenger in the 2024 presidential election, Donald Trump, was just convicted of dozens of felony criminal charges in a New York City case that accused him of the falsification of business records connected to hush money from before the 2016 election for a woman named Stormy Daniels. At present, Trump’s conviction stands. He’s the felon, not Biden.

“Am I up too late?” asked CNN’s Jim Acosta on air, reacting incredulously to the comments from Graham. “It’s late right now. So, I’m just — is it the sleep deprivation?”

Democratic strategist Chuck Rocha, appearing on the show with Acosta, credited Graham’s statements to movement in the polls.

“You’re starting to see this to have an effect,” Rocha remarked on air. “That’s why they’re trying to do all of this jujitsu to try to say, oh, it ain’t that bad. Don’t look over here. Look over there — like they always do, because the numbers don’t lie. And the numbers are starting to move and it started to move after the felony [conviction]. And they’re upset over there on our end.”

Graham was once a Trump opponent, even running against him in the party’s 2016 presidential primary. He now supports him ardently as Trump seeks another term as president and remains on his way to Republicans’ presidential nomination this time around.

Graham also faced criticism for his Fox comments from social media. “A reminder that, not all that long ago, @LindseyGrahamSC didn’t feel compelled to kneel before a lifelong huckster, and spoke honestly and openly about how kind, decent people know @joebiden to be,” said author Jeff Pearlman. “Alas, the MAGA bodysnatchers showed up. As they do to the spineless among us.”