Trump Company’s Stock Price Is TANKING Following His Criminal Conviction


The stock price for the Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), which is the Trump-branded company behind the alternative social media site Truth Social, is on a harsh, downward spiral.

The stock market was not opening up on Tuesday because of the holiday Juneteenth, but over the most recent month of data, the share price has fallen by more than 35 percent. Much of the decline has come after Donald Trump’s criminal conviction in his New York City felony case that accused him of the falsification of business records. That conviction was on May 30, when the company’s share price hit $51.84. At the close of general trading on Monday, it was at $31.31, and in after hours trading, it fell even further, reaching $27.07.

Trump himself holds large portions of the Trump company’s shares, though when it merged with an already publicly traded firm and made its own debut in stock trading, Trump was put under months-long restrictions from selling off his shares, making him apparently just a spectator to this stock market volatility, which is affecting the ex-president too.

Trump now faces the possibility of jail-time as he awaits sentencing in his New York City case, which, in theory, could factor into some investors’ decisions to pull back from his social media-focused business venture. Investment has also been popular among Trump’s political supporters, meaning it’s everyday individuals behind Trump who could be bearing a significant chunk of the fallout from the recently plummeting stock value. Even Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) once invested in the company with which the Trump firm eventually merged once those merger plans were clear.

Trump personally uses Truth Social like he used to use Twitter, now called X, but it appears that usage of the site still lags exponentially behind mainstream social media platforms like X, Instagram, and Facebook.