Trump Is ‘Trying To Destroy The Country That We Know,’ Warns Leading Democrat


In a recent interview on CNN with the network’s Jim Acosta, Rep. Dan Goldman (D-N.Y.), who in his capacity as a lawyer helped with the first impeachment against then-President Donald Trump and now serves as a member of Congress on the House Oversight Committee, alleged that Trump and a leading ally of his are “trying to destroy the country that we know.”

Trump, no matter his recent felony criminal conviction in New York City and his three other criminal cases, remains on track to get Republicans’ presidential nomination next month for this year’s election. And Steve Bannon, a longtime ally to the ex-president, is now proclaiming “victory or death” ahead of that face-off, which will be preceded by a first debate of the cycle between Trump and incumbent President Joe Biden later this very month.

“So, let’s not make any mistake here,” Goldman said Monday on the air. “Steve Bannon knows exactly what he’s doing. He is riling up a violent base that is the same base that invaded the Capitol, and he is saying victory or death, which means either we win or we kill our opponent. That is the definition of fascism. And it is incredibly scary, Jim, to think that this is what we are facing in this next election. I don’t want to talk about policy. We can talk about policy, you know, all day long. But it’s irrelevant. What we have is Steve Bannon and Donald Trump trying to destroy the country that we know.”

Bannon, meanwhile, might be heading soon to federal prison after a judge lifted the delay on his contempt of Congress sentence following an appeals court upholding his conviction. The deadline that Bannon was given for turning himself over to authorities for the sentence was July 1.