New Polling From Fox News Finds A Boost For Biden Following Trump’s Conviction


New polling released by Fox News finds a lead for President Joe Biden in his expected electoral rematch later this year with former President Donald Trump, who remains on track to be Republicans’ presidential pick for this year’s race.

Among registered voters, Biden had 50 percent of the support with 48 percent going to Trump when those two candidates were the only contenders specifically named to poll participants. Biden led by one percent when candidates outside the major parties were also named. At this topmost level, it’s a swing of three percentage points in Biden’s favor since the last round of polling, when Trump led nationally by one percent when just he and Biden were identified to poll participants.

In the time since, of course, Trump was convicted on all counts by a jury in his New York City felony criminal case accusing him of the falsification of business records connected to hush money from before the 2016 presidential election for a woman named Stormy Daniels. The disputed records were alleged by prosecutors to have actually covered repayments to ex-Trump fixer Michael Cohen, who provided Daniels with the money. He was prosecuted separately at the federal level on campaign finance law violations on the idea that the arrangement covertly boosted Trump’s 2016 campaign by keeping quiet a story of Daniels having a sexual encounter with Trump some years prior.

Trump is now heading to a sentencing next month, when it’s unclear whether he will face any time in detention, though it’s apparently a possibility.