Trump Faces Another Setback In Fresh Campaign Data After His Felony Conviction


In new polling released by Fox News, a large share of registered voters approved of the jury finding former President Donald Trump guilty at his recently concluded criminal trial in New York City, which teed up a sentencing for next month.

Trump was accused of the felony falsification of business records connected to hush money from before the 2016 presidential election targeting a story from a woman named Stormy Daniels of a sexual encounter with Trump some years prior. Daniels herself testified at trial, as did former Trump ally and “fixer” Michael Cohen, who provided Daniels with the funds. Cohen was prosecuted separately at the federal level on campaign finance law violations on the idea that the arrangements covertly boosted Trump’s 2016 campaign by way of keeping that Daniels story under wraps. Cohen pleaded guilty.

“Do you approve or disapprove of the guilty verdict in Donald Trump’s hush-money trial?” poll respondents were asked. Fifty-six percent said they approved of the outcome, while 42 percent said that they disapproved. Similar results have already emerged from other polling, suggesting that Trump’s characteristically continuing complaints about his treatment in the justice system are not poised to majorly curry him favor with prospective voters this year, though his established base may be behind him in those arguments.

Trump is on track for Republicans’ official presidential nomination for this year that’s set for convention proceedings next month in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Trump apparently denied reports that he wouldn’t actually be staying in the city for the GOP’s nominating convention.