Biden Campaign Hits Trump With Montage Of Him ‘Wandering Off’ & ‘Waving To Nobody’


As interests in former President Donald Trump’s political corner try to make incumbent President Joe Biden’s aptitude for the job a big issue, the Biden campaign is hitting back.

On social media this week, a rapid response team that is part of the Biden re-election campaign shared a montage that they said showed the former president “getting confused, lost, wandering off, and waving to nobody.” It included moments from Trump’s presidency and after he left office, like his recent visit to a NASCAR race where he is seen on video waving towards the distant stands although it appears unclear anyone was paying attention or otherwise trying to show their support.

Some footage available online does show Trump getting some apparent support from evident attendees, and Snopes called the claim that he was waving to “nobody” in that clip unproven. But the Biden campaign’s montage extends from there, showing, for instance, a similarly questioned situation outside what appears to be Trump Tower in Manhattan. That clip is partly from behind the former president, and he’s waving… but it’s unclear that there’s anybody over there paying attention to his movements.

The Biden campaign’s video came after right-wing sources circulated a deceptively edited clip of the current president on the idea that it showed him wandering away, although the full context of the scene shows he was actually walking towards a skydiver on the ground nearby.

Trump, meanwhile, is facing even more questions about competence, including after the release of audio by MSNBC that appeared to feature him claiming that the late celebrity Joan Rivers apparently voted for him… though she died in 2014, years before Trump’s successful bid for president in 2016.