Journalist Calls Out GLARING GOP Silence On Accused Child Predator Robert Morris


Journalist Steven Monacelli is calling out Republican political leaders for apparently not even issuing public statements addressing Robert Morris, the pastor working until just recently at Gateway Church in Texas who is now facing public accusations of sexual assault of a child earlier in his career as a minister.

Morris is prominent in conservative political circles, having even served on a spiritual advisory team associated with former President Donald Trump.

“It’s been more than a week since the news broke of Pastor Robert Morris’s rape of a child. Many GOP politicians photographed with Morris have not said anything publicly or responded to my requests for comment. Those that have said something haven’t called for criminal charges,” said Monacelli, later adding: “However, none of the politicians who have taken photographs with Robert Morris have publicly called for criminal charges. None of them have even made public statements.”

Included in the photos with Morris that Monacelli put in his post are recognizable faces like Trump himself and current Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a prominent Republican. Monacelli argued that the corner of the GOP he was referencing has targeted “drag queens or books in school libraries” to supposedly help safeguard children while now glossing over this incident.

Leaders at Morris’ church have claimed that they didn’t know the individual involved in a story that the pastor had already told was actually a child at the time. “The elders’ prior understanding was that Morris’s extramarital relationship, which he had discussed many times throughout his ministry, was with ‘a young lady’ and not abuse of a 12-year-old child,” they claimed, as highlighted by NBC News.

Prominent Christian author Rick Warren called for serious consequences. “To sexually use a 12 yr old child, then continue it for yrs, is not merely an “inappropriate relationship.” It’s a crime. Sexual child abuse is an evil punishable by law. One can’t just confess when caught & move on with no consequences,” he wrote on social media.