Trump Roasted For New Self-Pitying Routine In Which He Quipped About Taking His Shirt Off


In a speech to supporters on Saturday, former President Donald Trump claimed to have “wounds all over” his body. Though he was presumably speaking metaphorically, he used very literal language.

“I have the wounds all over my body,” Trump said. “If I took this shirt off, you’d see a beautiful, beautiful person, but you’d see wounds all over — all over me. I’ve taken a lot of wounds, I can tell you. More than, I suspect, any president ever.”

Vanity Fair editor David Friend said there was a martyr complex afoot. “Martyr Complex: “I’ve taken a lot of wounds. More than any president ever” How about? Lincoln… Garfield… McKinley… Kennedy… Reagan…”, he replied online. “Abraham Lincoln was literally shot in the head but okay,” added journalist and commentator Brian Tyler Cohen.

Footage of Trump making the remarks was shared online by a rapid response team that is part of the Biden re-election campaign. “Trump said wounded soldiers should not be allowed to participate in military parades because “nobody wants to see that,”” the Biden campaign itself added in response to the surprise-drawing moment from Trump’s speech. He was speaking in Washington, D.C.

Trump was also set for a campaign event on Saturday in nearby Philadelphia, a heavily Democratic area. Philadelphia is also among the cities targeted by Trump’s political corner in extensively debunked conspiracy theories of widespread election fraud, particularly in the 2020 presidential race in which Trump was roundly defeated by incumbent President Joe Biden. Biden and running mate Kamala Harris won last time around in both Philadelphia and Pennsylvania as a whole, flipping the latter from what had been Trump’s column in the 2016 presidential race.

Trump and Biden will face each other for their first debate of this election cycle next week in Georgia, as it’s currently scheduled. The timing — this early before the election itself — is a change of pace, and the debates for which the leading candidates are set are being conducted outside the auspices of the traditionally used Commission on Presidential Debates.