Woman in Mormon Church Photo Voices Support for Gay Marriage

Mormon Sylvia Cabus was thrilled with the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to legalize gay marriage, but those checking out her church's website likely wouldn't have known it. Soon after last week's ruling, friends flooded the Washington, D.C., woman with 

Dueling rallies over same-sex marriage in Granbury

Chants, prayers and hymns rose from the Hood County Courthouse square in Granbury Thursday morning. About a hundred demonstrators gathered. Many. Loading… Post to Facebook. Dueling rallies over same-sex marriage in Granbury Chants, prayers ...

Illinois court asked to clarify state payments without budget

CHICAGO Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has asked a court to determine what the state can continue to fund in an absence of an enacted budget for the fiscal year that began on Wednesday, she said on Thursday. That includes a brewing ...

Man Who Climbed White House Fence Sentenced to Time Served

A Maryland man who jumped over a White House fence and was subdued after kicking two guard dogs on the north Lawn in October on Thursday was sentenced to time served and a year of supervised release, the Justice Department said. Domini

Aide says potential prosecution of Paxton ‘a political hit job’

Ensnarled in an investigation that threatens his new administration, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said through a spokesman that his potential prosecution on state securities violations is a “political hit job” by “inexperienced” lawyers. “Th

George Takei Calls Justice Clarence Thomas A ‘Clown In Blackface’ Over …

George Takei has come under fire this week for calling Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas a “clown in blackface” over the judge's stance on marriage equality. However, the “Star Trek” actor insists that his comment was not racially motivated. During ...

Perry: GOP lost ‘moral legitimacy’ by dropping appeal to black voters

Rick Perry extended an outstretched hand to black voters Thursday, criticizing his own party for championing states' rights while doing too little for civil rights. In a speech before the National Press Club in Washington, Perry appeared to ask for a ...

The Economist explains

CARS are set to change more in the next couple of decades than in the 130 years since Karl Benz fitted a small four-stroke engine to a large tricycle. Cars, once largely mechanical devices controlled by humans, are increasingly employing comple

Chevy is making cars with air conditioning for your phone

Wireless smartphone charging is becoming a pretty desirable feature in cars nowadays. But Chevrolet seems to think this luxury can present a problem: with everything our phones are constantly doing — streaming music, providing turn-by-turn directions

1 teen dead, 1 injured in Waterbury crash involving stolen cars

(WTNH) — A 15-year-old girl was killed and a 13-year-old boy critically injured in a high-speed crash involving two stolen cars in Waterbury early Wednesday morning. “It was atrocious to see that happening, especially when there's kids involved; it

Hertz employee stole multiple rental cars off Orlando airport lot

Police said a woman with access to hundreds of rental cars stole a dozen of them off an airport lot and confessed after she was arrested for the scheme. Stacey Seda had access to the inventory system at the Hertz counter at Orlando Internation

Self-driving cars will cost cities, futurists say

PHOENIX — Self-driving cars and other emerging technologies are going to cut into municipal budgets nationwide, a panel of futurists says. Imagine this brave new world: • Autonomous cars that never speed, never run red lights — and owners who nev

Study says if you’re driving an electric car on the East Coast, you’re …

One of the main selling points of electric cars is the Captain Planet appeal you get when driving down the highway, trailing absolutely zero pollutants behind you. But a new study by a team of economists suggests this moral satisfaction might

DPS unveils ‘ghost’ cars for holiday DUI enforcement

Director of the Governor's Office of Highway Safety Alberto Gutier, left, Department of Public Safety Director Col. Frank Milstead, middle, and Arizona Department of Transportation State Engineer Dallas Hammit, right, stand in front of one of the n

Google driverless cars in accidents again, humans at fault — again

SAN FRANCISCO — Google's autonomous cars were once again involved in accidents while out mapping the streets of Mountain View, Calif. But in both instances, as with the dozen or so previous incidents over years of testing, humans in other vehicle

Anki’s Officially Killed Slot Cars With Overdrive’s Customizable Tracks

Anki delivered a devastating blow to slot cars with its original Drive set, giving tiny RC cars a brain so they could stay on a track without the need for a peg underneath. But with Overdrive slot cars are officially dead now that your track can be any

Fooling the Forecasters, Muscle Cars Rule the Road Again

With 707 horsepower, the Dodge Challenger and Charger Hellcat models are the most powerful muscle cars to ever roll off a Detroit assembly line, and the fastest. Just ask any dealer who has watched the two vehicles squeal out of showrooms faster th

Malaysians of different faiths in show of unity during Ramadan

Malaysians of different faiths are fasting in solidarity with Muslims on Friday in an initiative called "Puasa4Malaysia". By Sumisha Naidu; POSTED: 03 Jul 2015 14:15. PHOTOS. Malaysians having a meal together during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Earthquake Kills 4 in China’s Xinjiang

A Chinese state-run news outlet says at least four people were killed Friday when a strong earthquake hit the country's northwest region of Xinjiang. The Xinhua news agency says the magnitude 6.5 earthquake injured at least 48 others and damaged o

‘Many’ killed after Boko Haram attack in Nigeria

Suspected Boko Haram insurgents have rounded up and shot dead dozens of people in a raid in a town in northeast Nigeria, military and local sources said, part of a resurgence of attacks in Borno state in the past month. "Many people were killed," sa

Death toll from accident to Pakistan army train rises to 17 as divers recover...

People gather during a rescue operation, after a bridge collapse led a train to fall into a canal in Wazirabad, near Lahore, Pakistan Thursday, July 2, 2015. At least four cars of a train being used to transport Pakistani soldiers fell into a can