Trump Has A Live Mental Health Collapse In Twitter Rant That Could End A Presidency


Trump is described as “a man whose many neuroses included a horror of forgetfulness or senility” in Michael Wolff’s new book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House That quote is becoming more telling by the day, but never so much as when the president goes on scattered, random, crazy rants that leave questions about his mental fitness for the presidency even more in question.

Saturday morning’s Twitter insanity is a smorgasbord of Trump’s paranoia. He wants everyone to know that there are “fake news” books being written about him along with the “fake news” being reported! Steve Bannon said bad things about him, but that’s because he’s a big man-baby who cries! He’s not a racist, he got black folks jobs (he didn’t)! He won the presidency so much that his opponent (who won the popular vote) went “down in flames!” The Russian collusion story is a hoax made up by Democrats and their friends in the media who hate him!

Most importantly, he is not mentally ill! He’s, like, a really smart person who has loads of money and that proves how smart he is! The simple fact that he is now president means he’s a genius! He is not Ronald Reagan (who had Alzheimer’s disease during at least part of his second term in office) who was old and mentally feeble! He is Trump, King of Real Estate, God of Reality Show Television, The Best and Smartest President Ever!

Michael Wolff’s assessment of Trump as paranoid, mentally unfit, self-absorbed, and maybe even completely insane is clearly the most true assessment of the lunatic elected to serve in the highest office in the land. If we’ve ever needed the 25th Amendment before now, this mental collapse proves that the time has come to use it.

Featured image via Getty/Win McNamee

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