Trump Has ‘Law & Order’ Mega-Rant During Embarrassing New Interview


President Donald Trump continues to flounder when confronted with the basic issues of his presidency. This week, an interview came out that the president did with Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy, who is an online reactionary who’s made a name for himself out of being obnoxious. In the interview, Portnoy asked Trump what he might imagine as a potentially viable option for people to show their “displeasure” with the direction of the country. Trump suggested that — instead of taking a knee during the national anthem, which he’s previously complained about — those concerned about the direction of the nation could run for office. The problem is that protests aren’t only appropriate if they fall in line with Trump’s strict standards.

After getting asked what forms of protest he thought might be worth pursuing, Trump told Portnoy:

‘Well, I mean, you could always run for office, right? You could become successful and run for a lower office… There are ways, you get groups together, and it can be very friendly ways of doing it, very successful… You have to go out… and speaking your mind is good, but you have to do it fairly. We are for justice, but we’re also for law and order.’

Watch some of his comments below:

If Trump was actually for “law and order” in the most basic meaning of the term, then he would not have commuted the prison sentence of his longtime ally Roger Stone, who had been found guilty of an obstruction of justice scheme that had been meant, in part, to protect the president’s own campaign from scrutiny. Rather than promoting some kind of pseudomessianic version of “law and order,” Trump is seemingly trying to get Americans to get onboard with his vision of America in which those who face negative impacts from things like his policies just keep quiet if they don’t have the resources or opportunity to run for a political office.

It’s amazing that after all this time, he’s still obsessed with complaining about those who take a knee during the national anthem as a form of peaceful protest. He is obsessed with appearances to the point of turning an almost completely blind eye to the fact that over 148,000 Americans have died from the Coronavirus, according to one tally.