Obama Returns & Tweets Loving Message That Will Make Donald Rage


Donald Trump is spending this Memorial Day in Japan, handing the Japanese his special menu, demanding a chair when all the others sat on floor pillows. Some unknown staffer put out a professional Memorial Day video through his Twitter feed. Instead of remembering those who have died during U.S. armed conflict, POTUS is playing around with the idea that he might take us to war with Iran, playing with the lives of young Americans as if they were toy soldiers. President Obama brought up back to what is real.

The sitting president conned the military into five deferrals and thought people were stupid if they went to Vietnam. Someone else with far less money but far more courage went in his place. Memorial Day has always been the day when people can see evidence of Trump’s complete lack of compassion. Instead, we looked to President Barack Obama, a man who cried upon the news of a gunman blowing 20 little first-graders apart. Here is his message:

‘On Memorial Day, we remember all those who gave everything for something greater than themselves. It’s up to us to not simply reflect on their sacrifice but to honor it with service of our own—and by living out the values they fought for.’

President Obama’s message that these young soldiers died for American values struck a chord. Values have been so important to us throughout history, important enough to die for. Many of those who went, did not want to go to war, regardless of which generation they were, but they went. That was courage. Trump believed they were suckers, and he was smarter than them for getting out of it. That only works if a person has no values. A person without values has always been, at heart, a coward.

The nation needs values. They make people right with the world and give them a sense of honor, of a life lived well. Values have always been the strong fabric of this country, and President Obama once again, showed us how.

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