Incriminating Seized Recordings Of Trump Announcement Stuns W.H & GOP


Speculation has run rampant after evidence was seized from Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen’s, office and hotel room by the FBI. What that evidence shows has not yet been made public, but the attorney for Stormy Daniels (Stephanie Clifford) tweeted some clues about at least one of the seized telephone recordings.

For all of Trump’s and the GOP’s demands for classified information to be released “proving” that the FBI planted spies in Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign team, they sure haven’t seemed too concerned about the public knowing the truth behind Cohen’s alleged felony activities on behalf of the president.

MSNBC reported on Wednesday night that:

‘Prosecutors in the case against Michael Cohen are piecing together shredded documents from an FBI raid of Cohen’s home and office. Michael Avenatti tells Ari Melber he has personal knowledge the Trump is “on at least one” of Michael Cohen’s audio recordings. Avenatti also asserts that he will be demanding that any audio recording of his client Stormy Daniels’ former lawyer and Michael Cohen, that contains attorney-client privileged information, be turned over to his team.’

Avenatti has also released information publicly about other questionable actions by Cohen, including payments for access to the president from foreign government operatives as well as payments from corporations who later benefitted from policies issued by Trump.

What began as a scandal about an extramarital affair between Trump and a porn star while his wife recovered from childbirth has grown into a scandal of truly epic proportions that, oddly enough, may be what takes Trump down in the end.

Twitter was delighted by Avenatti’s tweet. See some of their comments below:

Featured image via Getty/Eduardo Munoz Alvarez