Trump Wakes Up & Tweets Huma & Comey Prosecution Announcement Like A Madman


Donald Trump has a new target whom he believes should be going to jail instead of him and his campaign staffers. When the U.S. president accuses a citizen of a crime, that’s generally a very big deal. For Trump, it just means Mueller’s walls are closing in tighter and tighter around him.

Ignoring the fact that the current president doesn’t seem to have much more ability to read and write than a second grader (Huma Abedin was an aide, not an aid), his grasp of the U.S. justice system is tenuous enough to be frightening. Before a person can be charged with a crime, there must be an investigation, like the one Robert Mueller is conducting into Trump and his campaign team right now. Then there must be indictments and arrests, like there was with Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, Michael Flynn, and George Papadopolous. Then there must be a court hearing and a ruling by a judge.

That is Trump’s biggest fear. Papadopolous, as the Australian diplomat to whom he bragged about Russian intel against Hillary Clinton already admitted, was eager to tell foreign leaders about the alleged crimes for which Trump and his campaign were committing. Now there is an investigation, indictments, arrests, and court hearings.

At the end of all of that, it won’t be Hillary Clinton going to jail, and it most likely won’t be Clinton’s aides, either.

Twitter weighed in with their thoughts. See some of their comments below.

Featured image via Getty/Chip Somodevilla


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