Trump Tweets About Economy Boom After News Breaks Of Massive Dow Jones Plunge


Donald Trump has no idea what he’s doing as president. He came into office acting as though he could run the country in the same way that he ran his businesses for decades, as a sort of freewheeling, arrogant know-it-all, but that’s not how it works.

He’s spent his year or so in office touting the increasing in value stock market as indicative of his supposed success as president, even though the stock market was simply continuing on with the trend established during the Obama era. He didn’t care about twisting the truth to fit his corrupt purposes, just like during his days as a businessman, and now that’s come back to bite him.

Monday afternoon, the stock market plummeted at a rate not seen in years. As of about 4:30 PM, the Dow Jones Industrial Index had lost about 4.6 percent of its value, following a very recent past of similarly sky high losses.

Trump, however, is still acting as though everything is getting along just fine, and in the face of what’s going on at the Stock Exchange, that’s even more of a ridiculous stance than before.

After speaking to an assembly in Ohio, a video of the president’s remarks went up on the president’s personal Twitter account.

The video’s caption is a snippet of his remarks, reading:

‘Thanks to the historic TAX CUTS that I signed into law, your paychecks are going way UP, your taxes are going way DOWN, and America is once again OPEN FOR BUSINESS!’

Check it out for yourself below.

Surprise surprise, there’s more to the story besides what Trump is communicating here. His corporation-favoring tax bill that he signed into law late last year has sent the economy closer to overheating, with consumers unable to keep up with artificial supply created by businesses to line executives’ pockets.

In light of that, the stock market is plummeting, as mentioned, but in Trump’s fantasy world everything is still getting along just fine.

Check out Twitter’s response below.

Featured Image via Jason Alden/Bloomberg via Getty Images