Sarah Sanders Called Out By Reporter For Lying, Gets Flustered, & Humiliates Herself Live


If there’s one thing that’s marked the year or so that the Trump administration has been in power, it’s an appearance of chaos. The president struggled under the weight of his own endless incendiary statements before finally getting around to seeing a major legislative victory in late 2017 with the passage of a massive tax reform bill.

Concurrent to the overall issues with the Trump administration, the president has barely even been able to maintain a stable staff. His administration has seen a record high senior staff turnover rate in its first year, and that staff turnover has barely let up as the second year of the Trump administration has dawned. Among the recently announced departures are White House staff secretary Rob Porter, White House Communications Director Hope Hicks, and Trump’s top economic adviser Gary Cohn.

Even in the face of these issues, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders insists that everything is getting along just fine.

Sanders was confronted during the Wednesday press conference about the incessant departures from the White House, at which time she took up a defensive position and did not back down.

As she put it:

‘This administration has had a historic first year; we’re going to continue to do great things. This is an intense place, as is every White House and it’s not abnormal that you would have people come and go… we’re continuing to focus on the president’s agenda.’

ABC reporter Cecilia Vega, after pointing out that the senior staff turnover rate inside the White House is, actually, abnormal, pressed Sanders as to how she would define what’s taken place in recent weeks if not “chaotic.”

Sanders responded by saying that if the Trump administration truly was in a “chaotic” state, then a laundry list of supposed accomplishments she rattled off wouldn’t exist.

Besides the issues raised by the incessant departures from the Trump administration, the president is also facing a lawsuit from adult film actress Stormy Daniels over a non-disclosure agreement she signed but he did not covering an alleged affair between the two of them. She also alleges that Trump lawyer Michael Cohen intimidated her into holding up the agreement in recent months.

Check out the video of Wednesday’s press conference below.

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