JUST IN: Bomb Headed To Austin Explodes At FedEx Plant Near San Antonio (DETAILS)


In recent days, a series of bombings in Texas have raised concerns that a serial bomber is on the loose. After four prior bombings were reported to be connected by local police, very little national reporting has focused on these incidents, particularly in comparison to other killings with similar death tolls.

On Tuesday morning, yet another incident was reported, this time at a Fed Ex building near San Antonio.

‘One worker possibly suffered minor injuries in the explosion. They were not taken to the hospital, the official said. There were 75 people in the building at the time of the explosion.

‘Police said they “hope” this is an isolated incident and do not yet know if it is connected to the Austin bombings.

‘A law enforcement source tells ABC News that it is going to take a considerable amount of time before any post-blast investigation can occur. The site is complicated and potentially dangerous to render safe, with other FedEx packages of unknown contents all over. Authorities will have to move slowly and methodically to process the complex scene.’

The delay in response and lack of attention on these incidents have left many to question why these tragic incidents, all of which so far have resulted in the deaths of black and Latino victims, has lacked the type of coverage most widespread killings like these receive.

While the previous four bombs were all concentrated within the Houston, Texas area, police have confirmed that this package was mailed from Austin and en route to Austin.