Jimmy Carter Makes A Trump Announcement That Has Perfect Donald Seething (VIDEO)


To say that the Trump administration has been plagued by issues would be an understatement. The president has struggled to maintain a semblance of order inside his White House, which you might as well say has a revolving door at the front of it because he can barely even keep a stable staff.

Concurrently, he continues on with his campaign of incendiary aggression when it comes to both domestic and foreign policy.

Against that backdrop, Jimmy Carter revealed during an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert this past Friday night that he does, in fact, pray for the current commander-in-chief.

After being pressed by Colbert, the former president commented:

‘I pray that he’ll be a good president, and that he’ll keep our country at peace, and that he’ll refrain from using nuclear weapons, and that he will promote human rights.’

It’s hardly a given that any of those things will be the case when it comes to the Trump administration. The president has already proven his tendency towards conflict and even using nuclear weapons, so it remains an open question — especially in light of the appointment of individuals like war nut John Bolton to top administration posts — what the president will or won’t involve us in as time goes on.

Carter himself actually recently called Bolton’s appointment the president’s “worst mistake.”

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video