Trump Unleashes Wednesday Morning Feeble Attempt To Frighten A Weakened Nation


The president has long made his opposition to and suspicion of immigrants known. He has gone from seeking to put up a wall in between us and Mexico to seeking to impose “extreme vetting,” to seeking other changes to our immigration system, like a crackdown on family members of someone who’s made it to the U.S. using that connection to get in.

In recent days, the president has ramped up his rhetoric on that front yet again. He was in part initially set off by a report from Fox & Friends about a group of migrants making its way through Mexico to the United States. That group was making a journey that a similar one has embarked upon every year since 2010, according to Reuters, but that didn’t stop the president from treating it like an invading army anyway.

Mexico eventually announced plans to stop that group from continuing, but not before the president spewed an array of hate at the country for supposedly not doing enough. He’s already established that the additional actions he wants the Mexican government to undertake include supporting the construction of a border wall.

In the face of the president’s efforts on that front failing to get off the ground, he has turned yet again to one of his favorite pastimes — grandiose Twitter proclamations.

Although it wasn’t immediately clear what impending action he’s actually talking about, the president commented on Wednesday:

‘Our Border Laws are very weak while those of Mexico & Canada are very strong. Congress must change these Obama era, and other, laws NOW! The Democrats stand in our way – they want people to pour into our country unchecked….CRIME! We will be taking strong action today.’

Yesterday, the president did assert that we would be sending the military to our border with Mexico in the absence of a border wall. Reuters reports that such a strategy was eventually elaborated upon by the White House to entail deploying the National Guard, something that has taken place under past administrations, although it was carried  out in the face of a much larger amount of actual border crossings.

This is not the only way in which the president’s administration has sought to impose its will when it comes to immigration policy. For instance, the Trump Justice Department recently filed suit against the state of California over a law mandating that local and state law enforcement officers keep their work separate from federal immigration authorities’ work. The president and his allies have railed against so-called sanctuary jurisdictions, where local law enforcement don’t cooperate with federal immigration authorities, for some time.

As a part of his most recent series of meltdowns in which he’s sought to impose his agenda no matter the cost, he angrily asserted that there will be no deal to protect “Dreamers,” those undocumented immigrants protected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program. The ultimate fate of that program, which the Trump administration has moved to end, is still up to the courts.

Check out Twitter’s response below.

Featured Image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images