Trump Goes Full Stupid During Nevada Speech, Makes Total Fool Of Himself In Minutes


Donald Trump loves to blast the “elite,” or the educated liberals (because that’s somehow a bad thing) to his rabid fanbase, a group of people he would like the public to believe are largely working-class and therefore looked down upon by the wealthy. He avoids discussion of the fact that he too is wealthy except for when it benefits him to say so.

On Saturday, Trump traveled to Nevada for yet another campaign rally to stump for the Republican incumbent for Senator, Sen. Dean Heller. While speaking to the crowd, he made several jokes about Democrats that delighted the crowd, but humiliated himself because of that joke just minutes later.

Trump mocked a Democrat for pronouncing the state’s name differently than the locally-preferred pronunciation. Just 15 minutes later, Trump pronounced the name the same way he laughed at Democrats for doing.

This isn’t the first time Trump has stepped outside his presentation as a president who can identify with the “silent majority” of working-class white families. While he stood in front of a crowd who believes that nonsense, he described all the ways in which he should be considered the elite. Spoiler alert: it’s because he’s nothing like them, but they cheered him on instead of recognizing that he was putting them down.

‘They always call the other side “the elite.” The elite! Why are they elite? I have a much better apartment than they do…I’m richer than they are.’

Anyone who believes that Trump’s goal in running for president was to represent the common man instead of benefitting himself is truly delusional. Not only has he never been poor, he sees his most redeeming trait as his wealth.

This is not a representative of the common man. This is a man who clearly sees himself as better than anyone with less money than he has.

Featured image via Getty/Bloomberg