NY Post Hits Scott Pruitt While He’s Down With Cover Image That Will Make Trump Tantrum


U.S. President Donald Trump likes to complain about his administration’s treatment in the media, but it’s his administration’s rounds and rounds of corruption that keep the negative stories going. On Thursday, after the embattled EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt became the latest Trump official to resign, the New York Post posted a cover for their Friday issue quipping that season two of the White House edition of the popular television show Survivor had begun.

Check out the cover below.

There is, of course, no actual television show being taped in the Trump White House. What there is, however, is a continuously growing list of officials who have abruptly left the Trump White House after not very long in their positions at all.

Pruitt left his position this week after the launch of over a dozen Congressional inquiries into various facets of his usage of his position as if it was the chairmanship of his own private company. He got what the New York Post called a “sweetheart deal” on a condo from the wife of a lobbyist with business before the EPA, he spent massive amounts of taxpayer money on expenditures ranging from a soundproof booth in which to make phone calls to “tactical pants,” and there are a number of other scandals besides those. For instance, he had officials serving under him complete tasks as personal as seeking a job for his unemployed wife.

It took Pruitt long enough to come around to the fact that he was no longer a fit for the position of EPA administrator.

His resignation was revealed on Twitter in a pair of tweets from President Trump, which is a method that a still growing number of Trump White House officials have had their departures from their jobs revealed to the world.

Screenshot-at-Jul-05-15-40-02 NY Post Hits Scott Pruitt While He's Down With Cover Image That Will Make Trump Tantrum Corruption Donald Trump Top Stories

Screenshot-at-Jul-05-15-40-20 NY Post Hits Scott Pruitt While He's Down With Cover Image That Will Make Trump Tantrum Corruption Donald Trump Top Stories

Trump wrote on Twitter that Pruitt had done an “outstanding job” in his role as EPA administrator, adding that he would “always be thankful” for it.

Pruitt, for his part, claimed it to be “extremely difficult” to reveal his decision to cease work as head of the EPA, saying that it’s a “blessing” to have been in the position for this long.

After him, officials imagined by the New York Post as possibly the next out of the White House include press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the chief of staff, John Kelly, both of whom have been the subject of imminent departure rumors shared with the press.

Also depicted on the cover are Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, the president’s daughter Ivanka Trump, her husband Jared Kushner, the president’s new national security adviser John Bolton, and his new chief economics adviser Larry Kudlow.

A number of those individuals have faced serious scrutiny in the time that they have been on the job, and a number of them are also themselves replacements for the original occupants of their positions under Trump. Thus, should current trends continue, the idea that White House staffers are participating in a season of Survivor — which the New York Post has raised in the past — will remain relevant.

Featured Image via ANTHONY WALLACE/ AFP/Getty Images