Trump Demands No One Take Notes During Putin #TreasonSummit; The Reason Is Shady


For some strange reason, Donald Trump refused to include a note-taker in his one-on-one meeting with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in Finland. POTUS broke with all precedent when he decided to leave all of his staff, including his National Security Adviser John Bolton, out of the summit. Why would the president of these United States make these disturbing choices?

Reportedly, “The Donald” did not want a note-taker, even though Putin had his writing pad and pen in plain sight on the table within easy reach. The U.S. president had nothing.

America’s commander-in-chief’s reasoning was that such an individual would leak details to the press. Both he and the Russian president detest the media.

Jumping back and forth about the U.S.’s relationship with Russia, Trump (or someone else, using his account) tweeted:

‘(U.S.-Russia relations have) NEVER been worse (due to) many years of U.S. foolishness and stupidity (and the) Rigged Witch Hunt.’

Yet, when he spoke before reporters prior to their private meeting in Helsinki, The Wall Street Journal reported that he bragged about):

‘(His) extraordinary relationship (with Putin).’

Trump’s meeting occurred mere days after Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicted a total of 12 Russian intelligence officers for the crime of hacking into the Democratic National Committee (DNC) computers. The officers acted on Putin’s orders.

After such proof of an attack against America, Trump’s behavior and words were startling. He claimed:

‘Getting along with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing.’

The 45th president of the United States walked into a meeting — winging it — with one of the most intelligent, cagey former KGB men to ever rule Russia. Yet, Trump’s weak response to Putin’s attack on our democracy was:

‘I don’t think you’ll have any “Gee, I did it, I did it, you got me.” There won’t be a Perry Mason here.’

Featured image screenshot via YouTube.