Trump Administration Reveals New Space Force Logos That Will Make You Die Laughing


Many thought that Donald Trump’s suggestion of a “Space Force” was a joke. After all, only Congress can create another branch of the military. Yet, it appears that POTUS has taken himself very seriously on the issue.

In the 1960’s and 1970’s people used to use the term “space cadet” as an alternative description of a spacey or out-of-touch person. Someone must have reminded the president about this, because he has dropped the term.

Regardless, the Space-Force-In-Chief has been moving forward, or perhaps upward, gangbusters. Trump decided to formally kick off his presidential campaign for 2020 with a game-show gimmick.

The White House announced via an email that anyone wanting to vote on one of six logos for “Space Force,” need only donate to the campaign.

As a result, the new logo will be on all of the Trump 2020 merchandize. Fortunately, none of the options is the head of the man sitting in the Oval Office.

Five of the logos read “Space Force,” and one read “Mars Awaits.” This was somewhat deceptive advertising, because Trump’s big space adventure involved defense rather than exploration.

Trump reinforced the announcement with a tweet while he vacationed in his New Jersey golf resort. He said:

‘Space Force all the way!”

The Department of Defense (DOD) reported how it will implement POTUS’ command to have a Space Force by 2020.  Coincidental good fortune?

The president’s vice president, Mike Pence, gave a speech at the Pentagon. He explained this sixth branch of the military to the military with a straight face. According to ARS Technica, he said:

‘Our adversaries have transformed space into a war-fighting domain already, and the United States will not shrink from this challenge. History proves that peace only comes through strength, and in the realm of outer space, the United States Space Force will be that strength in the years ahead.’

Apparently, Trump had been talking up his grand plan at rallies by having his followers chant “Space Force, Space Force.” Somehow, “Space Cadet, Space Cadet” might be more appropriate.

With any luck, our great white leader will lead the space cadet odyssey to another planet.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.