Trump Wakes Up Extra Crazy & Erupts Into 4-Tweet Sunday Mega-Rant


The internet troll heading the White House was back to his fallback attack position of tweeting defensive tantrums online while real issues went unaddressed outside his window on Sunday. Why should a president care about foreign relations, preventing war, advancing the common good, or ensuring health and safety for the people he was elected to represent when the press is saying mean things about him? Clearly, these things must be prioritized.

Once again, Trump defended himself against the growing list of reasons that the Russian collusion investigation is clearly not going his way by quoting a Fox News analyst, a failed Republican politician, and a current GOP lawmaker who is supposed to be neutrally reviewing the facts of the investigation to bolster his “no collusion” claim, which is slightly different than his quotes from the same people who supported Trump’s assertions that collusion is not a crime just a handful of days ago.

Somehow, Trump never manages to find quotes from former intelligence analysts or justice experts who aren’t Fox News contributors willing to defend his stance.

It’s also the new normal to see a U.S. president rant against a U.S. company that dared point out that his policies are hurting their businesses and call for a boycott against that company, but the particular boycott of this particular company is especially pointless and funny. Harley Davidson owners already own Harley Davidsons. What are they going to boycott? If their incredibly expensive motorcycles break down, are they not going to buy the Harley Davidson motorcycle parts needed to repair them? That will show that company that dared to defend themselves against the president!

Twitter wasn’t impressed with Trump’s rant, either. See some of their comments below:

Featured image via Flikr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license