Nelson Mandela’s Grandson Just Condemned Trump In The Most Perfect Way Imaginable


By now we all know of Trump’s obsession with Fox News and its correspondents, and there’s no secret that Trump likes to tweet about what he sees on television. He has become notorious for watching a Fox News segment, taking a lead from it, and then tweeting about it minutes later.

One of the most terrifying examples of this behavior was when he tweeted that his “nuclear button” is “much bigger & more powerful” than North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s, basically threatening nuclear war with the unstable country. The interesting thing about that tweet — just minutes before, Fox was reporting that Kim Jong Un had stated that his own nuclear button was “on his desk at all times.”

Check this out:

But, this week, he may have topped that North Korea threat when he tweeted a white-nationalist talking point about South Africa after watching a Tucker Carlson segment on Fox News.

Right after this segment Trump tweeted this disgusting message:

If this doesn’t prove, without a doubt, what a racist Trump is, I don’t know what will. But I digress…

The response to this tweet was of utter outrage, even forcing Carlson to walk back his original comments and rebroadcast an adjusted segment. You’ll see the differences below:

But no one was falling for his tweaks to his earlier broadcast — especially not the people of South Africa.

After reports of Carlson’s broadcast and Trump’s tweet reached him, Nelson Mandela’s own grandson, Nkosi Zwelivelile Mandla Mandela, a member of the Pan African Parliament, had some very harsh words for our so-called “president.”

‘President Donald Trump’s unfortunate tweet shows disrespect for South Africa’s sovereignty and our commitment to justice and redress, Trump once again demonstrates a total ignorance of reality. We will not be dictated to, threatened or pressured into accepting a land deal that perpetuates the injustices of the past.’

He also said that Trump’s time would be “better served by dealing with his own domestic challenges and the fundamental issues that the ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign raises.”

South African native and political and social commentator at The Inquisitr explained in a series of tweets just how wrong Fox News and Trump really are about what’s happening in his country:

I highly doubt that Trump will read Howes’ tweets because they consist of more than 140 characters, but I do hope someone in his administration does and is smart enough to understand and explain it to him.

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