Trump Pauses ‘Fox News Sunday’ & Tweets ‘Mandatory’ Declaration Like A Maniac


Donald Trump himself has yet to tweet anything about the guilty plea and subsequent cooperation agreement that Paul Manafort signed this week, but it’s clearly on his mind in nearly every tweet. Instead of mentioning Manafort directly, he’s on the attack against the special counsel with whom Manafort is cooperating: Robert Mueller.

Nothing on Fox News is mandatory watching for anyone who wants the unvarnished and unbiased truth about literally anything, but this episode featured the former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), who had to recuse himself from the Russian investigation after releasing classified information to the public in order to discredit the Mueller investigation and help Trump repair his image and shift blame in 2017.

Nunes is promising to convince Trump to declassify several documents to be released to the public. Some are interviews that Nunes conducted in his own investigation of the alleged Russian collusion scandal. He hinted wildly that the documents would thoroughly prove that the Mueller investigation is a scam and illegal, and that the FBI and DOJ have been involved in helping them cover up their crime.

To buy Nunes’ story, Fox News viewers have to believe that everyone in government – intelligence agency officials, Department of Justice heads, the special counsel, John McCain, President Obama – are all crooks out to destroy America. The lone two truth-tellers standing appear to be Devin Nunes, who recused himself when he broke the law in this investigation, and Donald Trump, who lies an average of five to nine times per day.

Fox News is only ‘MANDATORY watching’ for those who want to be entertained with insane conspiracy theories from people who actually have power in our government.

Twitter wasn’t interested in Trump’s viewing suggestions. See some of their comments below:

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license

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