Florida Governor Rick Scott Forced Out Of Restaurant By Protesters Screaming ‘Coward!’


Florida Governor Rick Scott, an avid climate change denier, was forced to leave a restaurant earlier today when a crowd of protesters, angry about the noxious red tide that has infected waters off the Florida coast, jammed the sidewalk outside the Mojo Cuban Restaurant shouting “you coward!”

The Gulf Coast has been plagued by what scientists call a red tide algae bloom, which occurs naturally every season, but has grown increasingly worse over the past several months. The protesters at Mojo Cuban restaurant today blame Scott, who cut funding to environmental agencies which they believe could have helped to decrease the severity of what is currently occurring on Florida’s coast and washing up on beaches.

Rick Scott is currently running for Senate against Democrat Bill Nelson, but he is no doubt facing tremendous backlash for his policies regarding the environment, which was made abundantly clear to him today after being forced to leave his campaign stop after just ten minutes. He entered the restaurant through the back door, but was barely able to greet the few supporters who were there to meet him, before he was forced back out the way he came in.

Scott did not stop to talk to reporters or comment to protesters on the scene.

Featured image via Twitter