Powerful Liberal Org. Cuts Funding To Dems Who Vote Kavanaugh


This past week, we’ve all been waiting with bated breath to see what the outcome will be for our nation, as the Senate votes to either deny or confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the highest court in the land — the Supreme Court.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or off the grid, you likely know what’s been happening over the past few weeks as allegations have come to light that Kavanaugh is a disgusting drunken pig who likes to sexually assault innocent women for fun.

We all watched as one very brave woman, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, gave very emotional testimony of her terrifying experience as a young 15-year-old girl who Kavanaugh “allegedly” attempted to rape while at a party.

We all watched as she choked back tears and recalled the “uproarious laughter” from her attackers as they assaulted her, and if you’re like me, you cried along with her.

After seeing her testimony and experiencing that with her, it’s hard to imagine that anyone could accuse her of lying, or make fun of her for not remembering every single detail regarding her attack, but many did — including our so-called “president.” You’d think he’d have some decorum and behave like a human being, but no…

After seeing that, you’d think that for SURE every Democrat and even many Republicans — especially women — would find all of this disgusting and vote very definitively NOT to appoint Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, but once again we were sadly mistaken, as  all but one Republican voted yes — even Senator Susan Collins from Maine who had stated previously that she was not fully in support of Kavanaugh.

The most devastating thing to come out of this was from the Democrats who voiced support of Kavanaugh. Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) went rogue and became the only Democrat to vote “yes” on Kavanaugh’s appointment, and another Democrat who is running for Senate in Tennessee, Phil Bredesen, said that “allegations make it a much closer call” but “I’m still a ‘yes.'”

Both men have probably just ruined any chance of either being elected or re-elected in the case of Manchin, and one very large and extremely powerful liberal organization, MoveOn, has pulled the plug on campaign donations and advertisements for the two, which will hurt them both tremendously.

Many Twitter followers of MoveOn pointed out that by making this move they were ensuring that a Republican would win both offices, but the reality is that those two supposed “Democrats” are clearly not on the side of the left. If they are going to vote for Trump’s agenda, they aren’t helping us anyway.

This decision by MoveOn came directly after another group, Priorities USA Actions, said that it would not support or donate to any Democrats who decided to vote for Kavanaugh.

Between the two organizations, Manchin and Bredesen are looking at a huge loss in funding — at least 6 figures. If they do manage to get elected at this point, let this be a lesson to them. If you don’t stick with your party and the interest of your voters in the future, your careers are over.

Featured image via YouTube