Trump’s Brags About His Illiteracy In Friday AM Tweet Like A Total Derp


Donald Trump’s tweets range from the potentially illegal to the jaw-droppingly cruel and bullying, but every now and then, they’re just hilarious in their absurdity. Friday’s morning tweets fell in that category.

Supporting a Republican congressman with a 37 percent approval rating to say what a great job he’s doing is not uncommon for the president, especially not when that representative has made a career out of spreading Trump’s lies for him. The only things Trump seems to have forgotten in his tweet supporting Biggs is mentioning how strong he is on “Crime” and “the Border” and how firm he is on “2A.”

It was the second tweet that drew outright laughter. It seems Trump decided to respond to people who laughed at his capitalization of the word “country,” which is not a proper use of capitalization, by insisting that the U.S. is such a great “Country” that it deserves to be capitalized. Or something.

Not capitalizing the word country is apparently unAmerican now. The creators of grammar rules must have been Democrats weak on Crime and the Border and soft on 2A. Capitalization probably kneels during the national anthem.

A quick review of Trump’s tweets show that he didn’t begin capitalizing the word “country” until this week. Before that, he used those same unAmerican grammar rules the rest of us do by typing the word “country.”

Twitter had a nice laugh, both at Trump’s support of Biggs as well as his new capitalization rules. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image via Flickr by Michael Vadon under a Creative Commons license