Trump Goes Off On 4-Tweet Pre-Dawn Twitter Spasm & Gets Slayed Instantly


Donald Trump believes that winning at any cost is the ultimate goal. It is not. He has authoritarian leanings that would take our country down a dark path that other countries have taken at huge costs. Yet, now the inciter-in-chief is getting desperate. This is what people can expect.

Trump has ordered the U.S. military to our southern border to face off against a group of legal asylum seekers who have traveled nearly 2,000 miles on foot, many carrying small children. The president has said that the country was at war with them. Why does a commander-in-chief send the military out? To kill. However, this man sitting in the Oval Office probably does not realize that the military cannot fight battles within our borders, given his lack of understanding of history.

Then, there are the other words he uses. Trump calls the press, the constitutionally guaranteed free press, the “enemy of the people’ and “fake news.” He only wants coverage that fawns over him, as if he were a king, That is not the job of the media. Instead, it must hold the president, any president, to task, accountable. Rather than take the criticism and learn from it, he attacks.

Trump is at war with: the media, immigrants, Democrats, Independents, the Federal Reserve, Nancy Pelosi, and even his old opponent, Hillary Clinton. People have begun to notice that Trump is also at war with women. His cabinet is nearly entirely men. Worse, when he does battle against men, he fights hard. When he does battle against women, he fights with vicious teeth gnashing at them.

The country cannot bear more Trump lackeys. November 6 is voting day. Better yet, vote early.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.