W.H. Staffer Defects & Leaks Inside Details Of Trump Team Pre-Midterm Freakout


The 2018 midterm elections are just four days away, and Democratic voters are hoping to send a message that racism and abuses of power will not be tolerated and do not define our country. Republicans, on the other hand, are just hoping not to end up embroiled in legal trouble.

Trump and his team may be trying to put a confident public face on the midterm possibilities and what it will mean for them should Democrats take back the House. Privately, however, many are reportedly panicking over the potential investigations to come.

One White House official told The Daily Beast that Trump, along with everyone is his orbit, is truly worried.

‘He’s definitely more spooked than he was before. Several of us are expecting to spend more time [testifying] on the Hill soon.’

In desperation, Trump has abused his power as president to nonsensically send thousands of troops to the border to stave off an “invasion,” which is really just a group of migrants attempting to reach the U.S. border to seek asylum. The fact that their arrival is weeks away and yet members of the military are spending their time at the border being part of a midterm political stunt by Trump is just more proof of how truly desperate the president is feeling.

The president has issued racist, fear-mongering ads and claims that Jewish billionaires are funding the caravan that’s bent on coming into the United States to rape and kill everyone. Attacking midterm candidates on everything from who paid for their Hamilton tickets to how much debt they carry is proof of Trump’s growing fear that the GOP is set to be toppled and investigations will be able to continue without obstruction by Trump supporting Congress members.

‘The growing sense of doom over the House possibly flipping has fed Trump’s political maneuvering over past few weeks. The president has pursued an aggressive, prolific campaign rally schedule as the election nears, driven in large part by the unease of his team. Politico reported last week that the White House was plotting a “political rescue mission in Florida,” out of fears that Republican defeat in the crucial swing state could hobble Trump’s 2020 reelection chances. At other stops, he has made the message just as much—if not more—about his own standing and agenda than the candidate he flew in to help.’

Polls currently project that Democrats will seize the House and possibly make large gains in governor’s races while the Senate will remain within GOP control. However, that change will be enough to set the stage for holding Trump and his friends accountable for their actions.

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license