Police Arrest Gillium Intern After Fight Erupts & Chocolate Milk Thrown In Face (VIDEO)


The right loves to point out the frightening violence by left-wing protesters, and the absurdity of that is seen nowhere more poignantly than in the arrest of Jewish college student Shelby Shoup. Fox News is in paroxysms of “told you so” glee reporting the “violence” this young intern for Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum perpetrated against a College Republicans group.

Be warned: the violence is just terrifying.

Shoup threw chocolate milk on another student who was tabling an event in support of Gillum’s opponent, Ron DeSantis. During a recent debate, Gillum reminded viewers that DeSantis is supported by neo-Nazi groups.

‘My opponent as soon as he won the Republican nomination for governor went on Fox News and said to voters here in the state of Florida not to monkey this state up by electing me. It was followed up that same week by neo-Nazis making calls into the state of Florida to attack my character, jungle music in the background, and the calls of monkeys being heard.’

Following the largest mass murder of Jewish Americans on U.S. soil at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Shoup was upset that anyone could still support a man aligned with a far-right racist fringe in Florida and confronted the table. When the students there mocked her outrage and insisted she was trying to throw coffee (she didn’t have coffee), she tossed chocolate milk at one of them and kicked a DeSantis sign.

For this, she was arrested by police in Florida. Oh, those violent left-wingers. They’re just so frightening with their chocolate milk and swear words.

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