Rogue Media Member Hijacks Company Twitter Page – Leaves Message For Trump


Despite his best efforts, the world is not falling in line under President Donald Trump’s will. A good day for his approval rating is a bad day for basically every other modern president. Someone solidly on the disapproving side of that spectrum made their voice heard via the conservative Washington Examiner’s Twitter account this week. Early Monday morning, an angry tweet went up asserting that the president is “going to hell.”

It read:

‘Trump is going to hell. Anyone who ever read the bible can tell you where it stands on rich adulterers. The key to God’s forgiveness is repentance. Trump’s entire political career has been about the exact opposite of that. Also this paper is garbage for promoting “Trump and God.”‘

The post was deleted by around 7 a.m., around a couple of hours after it went up. The publication has claimed they were hacked, offering:

‘The Washington Examiner’s Twitter feed was hacked and a tweet was posted that did not come from our staff. We are taking appropriate action and will issue a further statement if necessary.’

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In other words, for now at least, they expect us to believe that an awfully specific tweet came from a potentially random hacker who was looking to accomplish… what exactly? Hackers normally have an end goal in mind. They might want to leverage a particular social media influencer’s presence for their own gain, for instance. The individual behind the Washington Examiner post in question, though, had a very specific grudge against the paper itself. Perhaps it came from a recently departed, now former employee — or something.

The paper has operated since 2005, and it’s been an online-only publication since 2013. It’s escaped the wrath of President Fake News in part, no doubt, through consistently parroting right wing opinions.

They, for instance, have pushed the notion as inescapable fact and “news” that immigrants — and specifically, undocumented immigrants and their newborn children — cost more to the U.S. than Trump’s long sought U.S./Mexico border wall has at present.

That, though — for lack of a better term — is racist garbage. Yes, births cost money — that’s the way it works. Any other random statistic could probably be skewed to reflect poorly on its origin and brightly on the latest and greatest policy rehashed from hundreds to thousands of years ago too.

Trump, though, sticks to his line, and sufficient others fall in line to make the post that appeared on the Washington Examiner’s feed a logical conclusion. Not everyone supports his harsh ambitions.

Over time, the portion of the public that approves of the president’s immigration policies has closely aligned itself with those who support the president overall. FiveThirtyEight has his approval rating at just under 42 percent the week of the midterm elections, with immigration among a number of prominent issues weighing on voters’ minds. People like the individual behind the rogue Washington Examiner seat will be voting, and they’re expected to give Democrats the U.S. House and potentially control of other government positions — like previously Republican-held governorships — across the U.S. too.

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