Trump Loses Control & Attacks Black Female Journalist During Friday Mental Collapse


If there is any group of Americans that rile Trump’s ire, it seems to be black women. Rep. Maxine Waters is repeatedly mentioned and berated by Trump at his rallies, CNN’s April Ryan was threatened on Friday with having her press credentials revoked, and now CNN’s Abby Phillips was targeted by the president, as well.

Phillips asked the question on everyone’s mind after Trump skipped over deputy AG Rod Rosenstein to install a Trump-supporting, anti-Mueller member of the Justice Department, Matthew Whitaker, as acting AG while Trump considers a replacement. Her question was whether or not Trump wanted a replacement for Sessions who could “rein in” the Mueller investigation.

Trump exploded. “What a stupid question!” before dismissing her, saying “you always ask stupid questions.”

Phillips responded on CNN.

‘I tried to ask him multiple questions during the gaggle. He ignored most of them. I did ask him one of what I think is the most pressing questions that a lot of people have about this Matt Whitaker appointment, which is ‘what’s the intention here, does the president want his new acting attorney general to rein in Robert Mueller?’

That isn’t a stupid question, it’s the question everyone has asked since Whitaker’s name was announced and multiple statements he’s made about Mueller probe came under scrutiny. Trump has repeatedly said that his dissatisfaction and anger toward his first choice for attorney general, Jeff Sessions, were around him recusing himself from the Mueller probe.

Why would this be a question no one asked?

For Phillips’ response, see video below:

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H/T: RawStory