Another Seat Suddenly Flips Blue After Multi-Term Republican Gets Updated Vote Total


After a long week of counting every last vote, it’s finally official — Democrat Josh Harder has defeated Rep. John Denham in a tight race for a seat in Congress.

In a statement to the press Harder said:

‘This has been a hard fought campaign and we congratulate Congressman Denham and his family for his service to our nation in the military and to this district in Congress.”

The newly elected Congressman went on to say:

‘Now that it’s over, I pledge to be a member of Congress for this entire district regardless of political party, regardless of who you voted for,” he added. “Washington is broken because our leaders have put party over country — I pledge that I will always put this community before anything in Washington.’

The Hill reported:

‘Denham had sought to distance himself from President Trump on immigration, helping to launch the upstart effort from moderate Republicans to force votes on legislation protecting the so-called “Dreamers,” undocumented immigrants brought to the country illegally as kids, even as GOP leaders were fighting to keep the issue off the floor.

That discharge petition failed after conservatives, who didn’t want to see any votes on a “Deamer” bill that had a possible chance of passing, pushed for the bill to be blocked. The fact that this bill failed probably accounted for an increase in the number of votes for Democrat Josh Harder because 34 percent of eligible voters there are Hispanic.

This win for the Democrats is just another slap in Trump’s smug, repugnant face and we can’t wait to see his reaction. You know it won’t be pretty.