Racist Trump Supporters Attack Michelle Obama For Wearing ‘Natural’ Hair


The beautiful former first lady, Michelle Obama, has been doing good things. One is talking about real love. A second is putting on  a good face for the world to see — or not.

Obama appeared as the cover story on Essence magazine’s gift guide issue. She said she was first attracted to President Barack Obama, because he showed her that he respected women. Unfortunately, racists jumped on something lovely with their ugly racists word bombs.

Joi-Marie, author of The Engagement Game, appreciated the former first lady’s gift to people in her tweet:

‘Only @Essence would have our forever First Lady @MichelleObama on the cover, in her full natural hair glory, snapping her fingers, talking about real love👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 #Becoming’

Michelle Obama said in the accompanying Essence article:

‘From our very first conversations, he showed me that he wasn’t afraid to express his fears and doubts, or that he might not have all the answers. Just as important, I saw who he was not only in the way he treated me but in the way he interacted with others outside of our relationship. He showed me that he respected women by the way he treated his mother, his sisters, and his grandmother.’

The racist right came down hard on the former first lady for doing nothing that would impact their lives. Most likely, they do not subscribe to Essence magazine. Yet, they could not avoid nasty tweets, such as:

‘I could vomit just looking at you.’

‘Those aren’t natural, honey. lol’

‘The Ghetto Queen is about as gross as they come…’

Fortunately, as many tweets defended Obama:

‘Beautiful inside and out. R.E.S.P.E.C.T!’

‘Beautiful inside and out. God I miss them.’

‘Best first lady — ever.’

Check out the dueling tweets below:

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.