Michelle Obama Just Openly Mocked Melania Trump Over Firing Of W.H. Staffer


The differences between Michelle Obama and Melania Trump are obvious to anyone with sense. Obama conducted herself as first lady with grace and dignity and served as a role model for girls all over the world. Trump complains about being “the most bullied person in the world” and wore an “I Really Don’t Care, Do You?” jacket to visit detained children separated from their families at the border.

In an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote her new book Becoming, Obama was asked about the latest scandal involving the new first lady, her actions to get Mira Ricardel, the now former deputy national security adviser, fired from her job. It was a move that no other first lady ever tried.

“If you wanted to get someone in your husband’s administration fired, how would you do that?” he asked, clearly referring to recent reports that current first lady Melania Trump pushed out Deputy National Security Advisor Mira Ricardel over some unknown beef.

Obama played coy on the question and never directly mentioned Trump. She also said that there was no one in her husband’s administration who she ever felt shouldn’t be a part of his presidency.

‘“Why do you ask?” Michelle replied with a grin, adding, “We had wonderful people in our administration.”

‘“And you never had a situation like that?” pressed Kimmel.

‘“Not once,” she replied.’

As she always is, Obama was asked if she had ever considered running for a political office, and as she always does, she said it was not something she would ever do.

‘[I’ve] never had any serious conversations with anyone about it because it’s not something that I’m interested in—or would ever do. Ever.’

For the full segment, see below:

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