Michelle Obama Makes Loving Move To Honor George Bush & All Americans Approve


There has been no greater reminder of how much America has changed for the worse than seeing Barack and Michelle Obama, the epitome of class and intelligence, in numerous recent appearances. President Obama has appeared at rallies to support Democratic candidates and the former first lady has been on a book tour that included television appearances for interviews and discussions.

On Saturday, the sad news of President George H.W. Bush’s death was announced, and Michelle Obama extended her sympathies to the Bush family. On Sunday, she also announced that her planned attendance at the 41st president’s funeral will preclude some of her scheduled stops on the book tour.

‘It’s important to me to join the Bush family in celebrating President George H.W. Bush’s exemplary life. This will unfortunately preclude my visits to Paris and Berlin. I’ve been deeply touched by the enthusiasm for my memoir, and I’m working to reschedule my trip for next year…I hope readers and ticket holders will understand my decision regarding my desire to attend President Bush’s funeral, and join me in paying tribute to him and his tremendous contributions to our world.’

Although Obama’s fans are sure to be disappointed by the long wait, it’s clear that she and President Bush family have been fond of one another, as have Obama and George W. Bush. Immediately following the elder president’s passing, Obama expressed her deepest condolences and respect for the late president.

‘As a public servant, father, and grandfather, President George H.W. Bush was an extraordinary example for us all. His spirit of service and decency will be missed by many, including our family. I hope his memory will be a guiding light for our country and those around the world.’


Featured image via Flickr by Fortune Conferences under a Creative Commons license