Grand Jury Zeros In On Michael Flynn – Trump’s White House Is Shook


This week, news broke that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has evidently gotten so much information from former Trump National Security Advisor and presidential transition team member, Michael Flynn, that he is now recommending no prison time for Flynn at all.

According to a sentencing memo released Tuesday by Mueller’s team, Michael Flynn “provided firsthand information about the content and context between the transition team and Russian Government officials.”

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To make matters worse for Trump, it now appears that Mueller’s focus has shifted back to a case Mueller referred to a Virginia Federal court in 2016, which puts Flynn in the middle of a secret lobbying effort with the Turkish government which involves Trump’s own son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

According to The New York Times:

‘Prosecutors for Mr. Mueller appeared to make reference to the investigation in documents released on Tuesday that enumerated Mr. Flynn’s cooperation in the Russia inquiry. The heavily redacted documents created an air of mystery about Mr. Flynn’s “substantial help” in several unspecified but continuing investigations. Prosecutors cited Mr. Flynn’s assistance as grounds for leniency when a judge sentences him on Dec. 18.’

The Times goes on to say:

‘The Turkey case appears to fit as one of those inquiries because Mr. Flynn has direct knowledge of aspects under scrutiny. Prosecutors are examining Mr. Flynn’s former business partners and clients who financed a campaign against Fethullah Gulen, a cleric living in Pennsylvania whom the Turkish government has accused of helping instigate a failed coup.’

Michael Flynn admitted that he had broken the law with regard to lobbying for the interest of foreign governments, and it’s clear now that a grand jury in Virginia is expected to hear evidence that Flynn was acting as an unregistered agent for the Turkish government. The court is likely to reference an op-ed that Flynn wrote for The Hillwhere he attacked Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen, who had been exiled from Turkey and was currently living in Pennsylvania.

According to The Hill:

‘News of a grand jury’s examination of Flynn’s lobbying work comes a day after prosecutors with Robert Mueller‘s special counsel investigation recommended that Flynn serve no jail time for lying to investigators, citing his contributions to their investigations.

‘“The offense level and guideline range, however, do not account for a downward departure pursuant to Section 5K1.1 of the United States Sentencing Guidelines reflecting the defendants substantial assistance to the government, which the government has moved for contemporaneously,” Mueller’s prosecutors wrote Tuesday.’

Flynn’s punishment for the crimes mentioned above will be light, as Mueller has already suggested no prison time. If the court decides to sentence him to anything at all, it will be for a maximum of 6 months and a $9500 fine.

Trump has GOT to be livid.

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