SCOTUS Justice Roberts Takes On Trump With Historic Friday Asylum Ban Ruling


The Trump administration has launched a continued multi-pronged attack on immigrant rights — and they continue to be thwarted at every turn. This week, the U.S. Supreme Court kept an administration attempt at blocking undocumented immigrants from obtaining asylum from becoming reality. In a vote that saw Chief Justice John Roberts joining the four liberals on the court against the four right wingers, they upheld a lower court judge’s temporary injunction against the policy.

President Donald Trump can’t rewrite immigration law on a whim just because he wants to.

The effort figured in a broader White House attempt to undercut “caravans” of migrants making their way through Central America to the United States border this year.

Without evidence, Trump and his lackeys claimed the immigrants posed a threat significant enough to warrant a military response of thousands of active duty troops who were left with tasks like placing barbed wire on the border.

The administration’s failure to get a block on asylum for undocumented immigrants to go along with that isn’t their only recent immigration policy failure. A federal judge also recently delivered a final ruling striking down their previous effort to strike gang and domestic violence from the considerations that could push an asylum seeker’s application through to completion.

Despite these repeated setbacks, the Trump administration is continuing down their fiercely anti-immigrant path. This Friday night, the federal government is set to partially shut down thanks to a lack of approved funding as of Friday afternoon. The president has refused to approve any spending if provisions for his long sought border wall aren’t included.