France’s Macron Responds To Donald’s Syrian Withdrawal Like A True Trump Foe


France’s President Emmanuel Macron has been dealing with protesters setting fire in Paris, but Donald Trump has been setting the U.S. political fires himself. POTUS likes chaos, and he certainly set off a volcano of chaos when he abruptly announced America was pulling out our troops out of Syria. Either he did not  consider what would happen to our allies, the Kurds who fought ISIS for our country, or he did not care.


At one time, Macron stood shoulder-to-shoulder in his own country with Trump watching a military parade. He had a few choice words for the American president at his press conference, saying “An ally should be dependable” and “It’s the most important thing,” according to Reuters:”

‘I very deeply regret the decision made on Syria. To be allies is to fight shoulder to shoulder. It’s the most important thing for a head of state and head of the military. An ally should be dependable. I call on everyone … not to forget what we owe them.’

France’s Macron was referring to Trump abandoning the Kurdish fighters by pulling out almost 2,000 U.S. troops. He made the decision after a phone call with Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan. The Turkish leader considers the Kurds to be a terrorist group, but they are not.

The Kurds fought valiantly on behalf of the U.S. against ISIS. All they want is their own land, which was taken from them when Syria was set up by the French and other WWI partners.  In the Treaty Sevres in 1923, the Kurds’ land was given to the other countries. The Kurds retreated to the mountains, but they have no legal country.

Trump tweeted about his conversation with Erdogan, Reuters reported:

‘We discussed ISIS, our mutual involvement in Syria, and the slow and highly coordinated pullout of U.S. troops from the area. After many years they are coming home.’

The U.S. president made the decision without discussing it with senators or representatives on the Armed Services Committee or his Defense Secretary James Mattis. As a result, Mattis resigned with a deeply critical letter of resignation.

Trump claimed Erdogan and he spoke about a “slow and highly coordinated” withdrawal of U.S. troops. Apparently, POTUS has been trying to back pedal his spontaneous act. Then, he talked about how Turkey and the United States would have a “heavily expanded” trade, both exporting and importing. Apparently, a trade agreement makes up for loss of life with the commander-in-chief. However, that is not an American value.

Macron “deeply regretted” Trump’s decision to leave the U.S. ally hanging, given what they had done to support America. They waged war, doing much of the heavy lifting on the ground, while we offered air support and Special Operations.

Trump endangered “a pillar of American policy in the Middle East and was alarming U.S. allies,” according to Reuters. He argued that  ISIS had been defeated. However, they have not. Approximately 20,000 to 30,000 members of the Islamic State are in pockets of Syria waiting for the U.S. to leave.

The Kurds will be crushed between Turkey, in its upcoming announced attack and ISIS. They are remarkable fighters with many of their women taking up arms and dying for our country.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.