Trump Goes On New Year’s Night Tweet-Rant Like He’s Scared Of Nancy


Donald Trump spent his holidays in the White House for reasons no one can really understand. He said that it was to work on coming to an agreement on the government shutdown, but with Congress not in session, that isn’t even possible. He’s blamed Nancy Pelosi for going on vacation over the holidays, demanding on Twitter that she return and make a deal. She is not, however, the Speaker of the House yet. That’s still Paul Ryan.

His frustration seems to be boiling over, as is evidenced by his endless rants on Twitter.

It’s a veritable feast of misstatements, delusions, and outright lies. Again, Pelosi is not yet the speaker and cannot make a deal with Trump, nor will she make a deal that includes five billion dollars in taxpayer money to build a useless monument to Trump’s and his voting base’s racism.

Gas prices are low, so there was at least one bit of truth in his rant. Trump has absolutely nothing to do with that. Gas prices are low in every country because oil prices are low at the moment. They always are in the winter. When the prices go back up for the summer, Trump won’t take credit for that. He’ll blame someone else, most likely President Obama, Hillary Clinton, or any other Democrat he can think of.

Perhaps his most dangerous lies are about his relationship with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. The leader of North Korea has told him once before that he would stop building and testing nuclear weapons; he did it anyway. The news conference video released by Kim included “veiled warnings” to Trump and the U.S., according to NPR.

‘However, if the U.S. did not “keep its promise made in front of the whole world” and instead “insists on sanctions and pressures” on North Korea, “we may be left with no choice but to consider a new way to safeguard our sovereignty and interests.”‘

Glossing this over in order to protect his image does Americans no favors, but only his most rabid supporters still believe anything he says. Check out what Twitter had to say below:

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license