Meghan McCain Just Made The Dumbest Statement About Ocasio-Cortez


Whenever a completely ridiculous point is made on The View these days, it’s almost a sure bet that the point was made by Republican co-host Meghan McCain. This was demonstrated once again on Friday when McCain compared the Twitter habits of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to President Donald Trump’s.

Under discussion was Twitter posts by the two government officials.

On Friday, during a discussion about a tweet posted by the popular new Democratic Congresswoman, McCain said:

‘If you like what Ocasio-Cortez is doing with Twitter, I think she’s just like Trump on Twitter, I think she doesn’t care, does whatever she wants, says whatever she wants, and it’s two sides of the same coin. So, if you’re mad at Trump on Twitter, you gotta be mad at her.’

Examples of tweets from recent days show that the two are in no way similar in the topics or intentions of their tweets.

Most often, Ocasio-Cortez’s tweets are intended to make Congress more accessible to young Americans, raise issues faced by the marginalized in this country, highlight the growing diversity of Congress, and address the narrative about her in her own voice. Trump’s intentions on Twitter are to cover up his lies, intimidate anyone who may speak out against him, spread and stoke racist fears, and insult people. These tweets are not similar.

It isn’t as if McCain hasn’t made ridiculous comparisons before. She once said that an accounting error by President Obama’s campaign, which was found after the campaign turned in all their documentation to the FEC, was the same as Trump being caught on tape directing his attorney to commit campaign fraud.

For Friday’s episode of The View, see below. The conversation about Ocasio-Cortez begins at around 12:15.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube