Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Trolls Tomi Lahren On Twitter & It Is Fantastic (IMAGE)


A Twitter feud broke out recently between a Fox News TV contributor, a rapper, and a congressional representative. This isn’t the beginning to a lame joke, it’s actually happening. And honestly, it’s pretty awesome to watch.

The feud began when rapper Cardi B., an outspoken celebrity with her own views on politics who isn’t afraid to speak about them, posted the above Instagram video weighing in on the government shutdown over Trump’s border wall. Echoing the sentiments of most sane Americans these days, the music artist said that Trump is turning the country into a “hellhole” with his racism.

Tomi Lahren decided to criticize Democrats for having a black woman she deems unintelligent speak out against Trump. She was quickly owned by the rapper and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez found the whole thing hilarious.

Cardi B.’s Instagram video prompted Lahren to weigh in with her assessment of the rapper’s intelligence. Keep in mind that White Privilege Barbie supports Donald Trump, the man who thinks that San Antonio has a border wall and Canada once burned down the White House, and can’t seem to grasp the difference between climate and weather.

Cardi B. was having none of that, and was quick to fire back.

Since the response came from a black woman, Lahren immediately assumed the threat was violent. “Dog walking,” according to Urban Dictionary, does mean “kicking a**,” but Cardi B. was doing that with words on Twitter and Instagram. No physical violence is necessary to own Fox News’ favorite Barbie doll. Poor little Tomi felt so threatened physically that she just kept going.

Again, this is the supporter of a man who doesn’t know how to close an umbrella and walks up the steps of Air Force One on camera with toilet paper hanging off his shoe. Cardi B. was quick to call out Lahren’s history of racism against people who look like her.

After Ocasio-Cortez laughed in Lahren’s face, poor Tomi was outraged by the threats of violence against her person.

Cool, Tomi. All of us acknowledge that Cardi B. and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are smarter than Trump, too.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube